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ZUMBA™: A high energy Latin dance inspired class guaranteed to make you feel good. Have fun learning to salsa your way to fitness. 

PUMP & TONE: Power packed class focusing on strengthening all major muscle groups.

TONE & STRETCH: Sculpt & elongate your muscles to look & feel stronger.



TOTAL BODY CONDITIONING: 60 minutes of pure muscle! Focus on lower / upper body strength and toning using weights / bands / tubing. Gain lean muscle, burn fat, increase metabolism. A great cross training class for all levels.

CORE & CONDITIONING: Improve strength, mobility, and flexibility. Strength and yoga inspired. 

INTERVAL SHADOW BOXING: Empower your self with a total body Cardio Exercise in which you'll learn to throw the basic punches involved in boxing 


WEIGHT TRAINING: Group style weight/strength training class. Burn fat. Build Muscle.



PILATES: Through controlled and precise movements and breathing you will strengthen your abs and back as well as lengthen the muscles. A challenge at any level. 

YOGA: Gain increased flexibility, strength, muscle tone and balance. Experience calmer moods plus increased energy. Relax and challenge yourself at the same time. 

YOGA TONE: Experience traditional yoga poses with bodyweight strength movements. 


ZUMBA™ TONING: Learn how to use lightweight Maraca-like toning sticks to enhance rhythm & tone all the target muscle zones, including arms, abs & thighs. The perfect way to sculpt your body naturally while having a total blast.

Baystate Athletic Club Spinning

All Participants are Responsible for the Following:

1) Bring water and a towel. Water can be purchased at the front desk. 

2) Monitor your own ride - keep in control. 

3) Wipe sweat off your bike and the floor around your bike after class.   

4) Raise seat and return gear to lowest resistance setting.    

Please Note: Fees:  

You can reserve a bike for class at the front desk 24 hours in advance.
If you are unable to use the bike, please cancel your reservation.

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