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We specialize in coaching and training high school and college athletes, professionals and serious amateurs. Our experts have over 25 years experience coaching and creating specialized training programs for all levels and ages of individuals. You will train in a completely separate area from the public gym equipped with the highest quality Olympic grade weights, racks, benches, and machines.

We first evaluate current levels of fitness and strength and then prepare customized programs to meet your specific goals and long range objectives. Here at Baystate, we emphasize training safely, proper lifting technique and injury prevention. Many powerlifters continue to train and compete well into their sixties, seventies and even eighties.



  • Training Center Hours: Monday-Friday Noon - 7:00pm

  • In 1 to 5 sessions per week we will coach our members while they follow their own individual weightlifting and conditioning program.

POWERLIFTING COACHING $40 for one hour session OR
(SQUAT/BENCH/DEADLIFT) $100 for 3 one hour sessions

  • Come work with our coaches for an hour of instruction in squatting, benching and/or deadlifting. We will teach you proper technique and the accessory exercises to compliment each lift.


  • Our coaches will write you an 8 week functional training program to imporve your overall strength.

Baystate Athletic Club Strength & Conditioning (Call: 781-544-3359).

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